The River Kuomio flows almost in the middle of the village Kuomiokoski but still in its own peace. The river can't be called a shoot because the flow in the river is very slow. Still you can find a special atmosphere at the Kuomio.

In addition to standard species of fish - bleak, roach, pike and perch - it's possible to catch planted (0,5-4 kg) rainbow trout. Enjoy your time at the River Kuomio.

Licences & Rules

One fishing licence costs 15 euros including one salmon fish (grayling or rainbow trout). Fishing time is 5 hours.

Fishermen are required to present a valid fishing licence and their catch when asked by a supervisor. Unauthorized fishing or catch will result in a fine of 3 times of fishing lisence and to a report to the police.

The fishing area is limited by a net at downstream and 50 meters before the old power generator facility at upstream (marked with a board).

C & R fishing happens with barbless hook and without hurting fishes. You have to C & R fish before you take your catch for food.

From 11 September to 15 November you have to put trouts back to the river.

Please remember that casting requires a national fishing licence if you are 18-64 years old.

Licences and information

Harri Vahlman, 040-582 4903, harri at

Here is Google Maps for Kuomiojoki.

Kasino's services have ended in the beginning of 2010

Attractions and hobbies:

Suspension bridge
2 cooking and grilling shelters
Museum area with a factory still in operation
Lighted exercise track
School's ballfield
Beach 200 m
Waterway from Kallavesi to Mäntyharju

Rental cottages:

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